Here at Style Sourcebook, our community is so important to us. That's why we love hearing feedback on how our community of interior designers, architects and builders love to use the mood board tool and why they find it helpful when designing their projects. To hear testimonials from our stylists & e-designers, retailers & brands and renovators & students, click on the buttons above. To hear from a few of our designers in a video format, click here.

Katie | Smub Studio

Interior Designer & Project Manager

“Style Sourcebook is my go-to application for creating mood boards for both my personal projects and my clients. Visual representation is key when designing a home and allowing the vision to come to life.”

Veronica | Arc + Arlo

Interior Designer

“I love using Style Sourcebook as it’s an easy to use tool for idea collation and a way to quickly trial different style and furniture combinations. I find mood boards are a great way to communicate to a client how a space will come together and Style Sourcebook makes creating these quick and easy.”

Jefsie | Wholesome by Design

Interior Designer

“I love using Style Sourcebook to kick off the design process and work on concept development. It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and to quickly and easily experiment with different ideas for upcoming projects.”

Rebeka | BuildHer Collective

Registered Builder & Director

“We love using Style Sourcebook, it is a great mood boarding tool that provides a simple and clear way to communicate our vision and also to help clients and our members visualise the end product of all their time and money. The expansive list of products makes it great to browse, but you can also bring in bespoke items and images too.”

Laura | House of Cove

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is a must-have tool for me when conceptualising a design for a project. Seeing all the elements come together on one board is vital to the design process."

Andriana | Peachwood Interiors

Interior Designer

“Using Style Sourcebook for mood board creations is a standard part of my design process. They say a picture says a thousand words – if so,  a mood board must say a million!”

Katrina | KH Designed

Interior Designer

"Every project starts with a vision board to showcase the project vision and later on to show clients how different finishes, fixtures and fittings all work together for their home. The huge range of products on Style Sourcebook make mood board creation so fast and easy!"

Bianca | Bianco Design Co

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is an amazing tool that I use often to give my clients a visual into the spaces that I am designing for them.”

Emma | Emma Hurrell Interiors

Interior Designer

"I use Style Sourcebook with every project. It's a great tool to be able to convey the look and feel of a design concept incorporating the materials, furniture, hardware and more. Clients often find it hard to visualise the end design so this is a great way to picture it all together."

Emma | Formery

Interior Designer & Architect

“Style Sourcebook has become a regular part of my daily routine. I really enjoy creating moodboards to test my ideas, whether I’m exploring outcomes for a client brief or simply experimenting with colours, textures or trends.”

Gaylene | Gaylene Drew Designs

Interior Designer

"I love Style Sourcebook for its easy to use features that enable me to bring my design visions to life. Seeing a room or space come to life brings so much joy to not only me but also clients and followers. The variety of suppliers within the Style Sourcebook product library provide endless choices for beautiful boards."

Alliera & Rebecca | Haaus 

Interior Designers & Renovators

“Style Sourcebook is an absolute  game-changer and we have used it consistently when designing our spaces. Creating mood boards and design concepts has never been more straightforward! As a design duo, Style Sourcebook plays a pivotal role in our collaboration, enabling real-time sharing of design ideas, significantly elevating our design process.”

Elise | Blanco Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is my go-to, especially when it comes to the concept design phase. It not only enables me to create visuals for my clients but also offers a wide variety of products to explore and incorporate into my designs. It's truly a game changer!"

Court & Riss | Bone and Blanc 

Interior Designers

“Style Sourcebook is such an amazing tool to convey an overall look and feel of a space to a client. Most clients can’t picture materials together so this is a simple way to put all of the elements together in one space so they can see the bigger picture."

Julie | Layered Interiors 

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is such a wonderful tool. It’s so easy to use and saves time with so many gorgeous products to select from, like a one stop shop!"

Briana | Briana Forster Design

Interior Designer

“Style Sourcebook is an essential part of my client presentation toolbox. I use it on every project whether it be to outline the colours, fixtures and fittings of a new build or renovation or to illustrate the design and layout of a room when putting together a furniture package."

Amanda | Coco Lane Interior Design

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is instrumental in bringing my vision to life for my projects. With the help of a visual mood board, the platform seamlessly guides my design and transforms my ideas into a stunning reality."

Liv | Flawless Interiors

Interior Designer

"I use Style Sourcebook to visually start a concept for a project. It’s fantastic for putting your ideas on the page and is super easy to use."

Aime | AVD Interiors 

Interior Designer 

"Style Sourcebook is a game-changer for anyone looking to design or decorate their space. The platform's intuitive interface and vast library of products make it easy to create a cohesive and stylish look. I love how it allows me to experiment with different styles and products, and the ability to save and share my designs with clients is a great feature."

Kanla | Kanla Perla

Interior Designer

“As an interior designer, Style Sourcebook is one of my absolute favorite tools for crafting captivating mood boards. Its user-friendly interface and swift navigation make the creative process a breeze. With an extensive collection of renowned featured products at my fingertips, I can easily curate furniture, decor, and materials.”

Kahli | Kahli Jayne Designs 

Interior Designer

“Style Sourcebook makes it incredibly easy to visualise your ideas - it's been a lifesaver personally and in communicating design intent to my clients!"

Eve | Dot + Pop

Interior Designer & Renovator

"With Style Sourcebook I can collect all my thoughts in one space and build on it coherently by adding inspirational images and notes alongside each of my designs."

Eliza | Eliza Grace Interiors

Interior Designer

"I love using Style Sourcebook to create mood boards for every interior design project I complete. It not only helps me bring the concept together, but allows the client to visualise the space as a whole and see the overall vision."

Ania & Kasia | Zephyr + Stone

Interior Designers

"Mood boards are vital, both for ourselves to critique and develop our own designs, and for sharing ideas and concepts with our clients. They allow us to plan and maximise spaces and try out different ideas before finalising a design."

Sophie | Coco Interiors

Interior Designer

"It is so important to me as a designer to be able to communicate visually- Style Sourcebook has been a fantastic tool for me and my clients in this way.”

Samantha | Samantha Milne Interiors

Interior Designer

“As an Interior Designer, I love using Style Sourcebook for all my client projects. Whether it's sourcing furniture or pulling together an exterior mood board I always turn to Style Sourcebook as it is such an easy-to-use program and there is so much inspiration to be found as well.”

Kaitlyn | KJD Interiors

Interior Designer 

“I use Style Sourcebook from the initial stages of a project; it’s a great visual concept tool and is a super simple way to gather ideas. I also love how it has a running total of selections with a link to each of the suppliers' websites, such a handy addition that saves so much time!”

Priscilla | The Bohemian Stylist

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful mood boards to assist clients in identifying their personal style and visualising their space. It is user-friendly with an endless database of highly regarded suppliers.”

Lisa | Lisa Hunter Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is an essential design tool in my business; each project starts with a concept board to enable clients to see my ideas, colours and selections.”

Michelle | Michelle Canny Interiors

Interior Designer

“It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the mood board tool Style Sourcebook. It’s helped bring many of my design visions to life. Mood boards are really important as it helps create consistency throughout a project.”

Lia | EF ZIN Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is extremely useful with the whole design process. It helps me to put all my ideas together on one picture and see how colours, textures and furniture designs complement each other.”

Sarah | House of Hali

Interior Designer

“Style Sourcebook is a highly trusted and integral part of my design process. Its user-friendly interface encourages creativity, enabling me to experiment, blend elements, and freely share ideas before achieving that perfect final design. The added benefit of access to a wide range of exceptional products and pricing information helps significantly reduce time consumption too.”

Susie | Aaron Martin Construction


"We absolutely love Style Sourcebook for creating our mood boards. It’s a really simple way to pull together a group of images that accurately convey what the overall look and feel of a space will be like."

Emily | Salt Sol Designs 

Interior Designer

“Style Sourcebook has been something I have used since my studies all the way to a now functioning construction business. It’s extremely user friendly for all capabilities and is continuously updated with the latest trends and styles!”

Freya | Valhalla Interiors

Interior Designer

"I use Style Sourcebook to convey my concept ideas to clients to help them visualise what their completed project will look like. It is so easy to use and has become a vital tool for my business."

Vanessa | smarterBATHROOMS+

Head of Design

"Our interior design team use Style Sourcebook as a presentation tool to showcase colour, material and finishes to their clients. It has enabled us to present colour and material combinations in a way that’s simple for our interior design team to use."

Tara | Kennedy & Co Design Studio

Interior Designer

"In my interior design business, using Style Sourcebook is a priceless resource. It enables me to present this visual to my clients’ and interpret them in a unique way to demonstrate the look and feel by providing an accurate representation of how their space will appear once it is finished."

Kerry | Rocky Cove Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is a game changer for my mood boards. It's so simple and easy to use and creates beautiful boards. I love that I can use it on my phone when I am away from my laptop and an idea comes to me."

Stevie-Rae | Studio Rae Interior Designs

Interior Designer

“Utilising Style Sourcebook has been a key part of my design development journey. The extensive library and user friendly interface makes it so easy to deliver a beautiful mood board for my clients to see the vibe, products and materials come together, so much so that I have even had clients come to me with mood boards they’ve created themselves. It’s truly a game-changer for our studio.”