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Light Neutral Engineered Boards

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If you're after an airy and bright toned engineered floorboard then you've come to the right place. Perfect for coastal hampton homes, browse our range of light neutral engineered floorboards today and find one that perfectly suits your home. Our light neutral engineered floorboards come in a range of sizes and styles, such as the herringbone engineered floorboard or the plank style engineered floorboard. you're options really are endless when looking for a light neutral engineered floorboard on Style Sourcebook.

Light Neutral Engineered Boards

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Pearl White Herringbone by Castel Nuovo, a Light Neutral Engineered Boards for sale on Style Sourcebook

Pearl White Herringbone

Castel Nuovo

The Flooring Guys


Champane by The Flooring Lab, a Light Neutral Engineered Boards for sale on Style Sourcebook


The Flooring Lab

The Flooring Guys


Frequently Asked Questions

What are light neutral engineered floorboards?

Light neutral engineered floorboards offer a stylish and contemporary flooring option, ideal for achieving a bright and airy feel in your home. These floorboards are perfect for coastal and Hampton style interiors, available in various sizes and styles, including herringbone and plank styles.

How do I choose the right light neutral engineered floorboard for my home?

When choosing the right light neutral engineered floorboard, consider the overall aesthetic of your space, the amount of traffic the area will receive, and the size of the boards. Our partners offer a selection of styles that can complement any interior design scheme.

What are the benefits of using engineered floorboards?

Engineered floorboards are known for their durability and stability. They are less prone to warping compared to solid wood, making them suitable for a variety of climates and underfloor heating systems. They also offer an easy installation process.

Can engineered floorboards be refinished?

Yes, engineered floorboards can be refinished, depending on the thickness of the top layer of real wood. This allows for longevity and the ability to refresh the finish over time to maintain its appearance.

Where can I find inspiration for decorating with light neutral engineered floorboards?

For inspiration on decorating with light neutral engineered floorboards, visit our mood board examples at Style Sourcebook.

Are light neutral engineered floorboards suitable for every room?

Light neutral engineered floorboards are versatile and can be used in most areas of your home, including living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. However, it's important to consider the specific needs of each room, such as moisture resistance for bathrooms and kitchens.