How Bold Doors Can Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic

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Doors have always been so much more than just entry points. They play such an important role in elevating your façade, adding to your interior atmosphere, and creating interest within your home. So, it’s no wonder why we’ve seen an increase in people opting for bold doors within their design projects. If adding a touch of boldness to your entrance or interiors is on your to-do list this year, then look no further. We’re sitting down with Corinthian Doors to showcase some of the incredible design options you can implement to elevate your home. Let’s dive in.

Bold Door Colours

Did you know in Australia doors are supplied either with a raw timber veneer or a primed finish? This allows your builder to prepare the door for your chosen hardware and installation method before the door is finished in your desired stain or paint colour. Depending on the door you select and the builder you work with, there’s a world of paint and stain options available.

So, why not choose something a little different and go bold? Bold doors will act as a striking statement piece that can also work to suit many different interior design styles. This means you can add a little colour to your home without having to change your interior design style completely. It’s a win-win!

Mood board created by Flawless Interiors Melbourne on Style Sourcebook, featuring the DECO PV 4S Entrance Door in Dulux Pure Blue. View mood board here.

“We often see white or neutral colours chosen for interior doors, but choosing a bold colour is a simple way to add visual impact throughout the home.”

Kimberly Brett | Marketing Manager, Corinthian Doors

Barn Doors

Barn doors are the perfect choice for adding a visually interesting element to your home, without overwhelming the space. Barn doors operate by sliding along a track mounted above the doorway, rather than swinging open on hinges like other interior doors. This means not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they can also save space. They’re an incredible focal point for any room and suit a range of different interior design styles.

Mood board created by Shelly Thorpe for MindstyleCo on Style Sourcebook, featuring the Moda Barn Door PBD2. View mood board here.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are the epitome of chic boldness. They’re sleek and modern, adding a touch of luxury to any room. Plus, they tick all the boxes, such as being an interesting focal point within your home, while being also an understated option that won’t take away from the rest of your interiors. These versatile pieces come in a range of different frames and finishes and are available with clear or translucent glass depending on the level of privacy you want. 

Mood board created by The DIY Decorator on Style Sourcebook, featuring the Manhattan BHAT 7GC Interior Door. View mood board here.

Detailed Front Doors 

If you’re looking for a front door with interest, it’s all about the details. Front doors with detailed routing, like the DECO PV 2s, or architectural designs, like the Elements Collection, are captivating ways to add further character to your home. The trick is to pair detailed front doors with a façade that is a little simpler. Whether that be the palette of your exterior or the external materials you use, either way, you want to ensure your front door and façade complement each other. 

Mood board created by Layered Interiors on Style Sourcebook, featuring the Elements ELEM A2 Entrance Door. View mood board here.

So, whether you’re ready to take a bold approach with your interior doors, or you’re looking for something a little more minimalist yet still striking, Corinthian Doors have you covered. Discover the full range of doors or begin creating your dream space using our mood board tool.